Lion Craft

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”–Leonardo da Vinci

Lion Craft is very unique in its design, fabrication, and build process.

Design-Build is a modern trend. Our innovative approach partners designers and contractor on the same team.

This pioneering process streamlines execution and brings cohesiveness to the design development.

One of our most notable design processes is creating 3D renderings live onsite allowing for clients to propose ideas and see the spatial relations of those ideas on the spot.

By reinventing the design process in the outdated construction industry with 3D models, we are able to provide a realistic representation of your next remodel to scale with all the textures in place.

Typical interior designers provide bar, restaurant and hospitality proprietors flat aerial views of the projected layout along with sets of swatches.

Our clients have asserted that these boring plans do not provide anywhere near the quality and excitement of visualizing their actual space in a 3D environment.

Lion Craft is leading this cutting-edge type of interaction, an exciting development which has not been tapped into and utilized in this industry until now.

Ideas can change mid-build. Having the flexibility to adjust and integrate changes into the current design can be challenging.

Our experience coupled with our 3D modeling techniques enable Lion Craft to evaluate these idea changes quickly with insight as to how to best make those changes actually work cohesively into the overall design plan.

This is a huge advancement in transferring ideas into real life composition while exposing problems with design changes right away rather than discovering those problems onsite. With a few clicks the whole team from owner to millworkers can visualize the changes real time.

The fabrication team is impressively efficient as they are crafting the design: from to laser measured models which can easily be viewed from any angle to adding as much surrounding context as desired.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”–Henry Ford

From conception to install, we handle the entire process which is centered around our 3D modeling.

Our fabricators are building each piece from exact laser measured models. This ensures the piece they are building is going to fit perfectly and eliminates possible install issues.

With current technology such as automated machine tools like CNC machines, digital measuring devices, and cutting-edge software, Lion Craft’s in-house fabrication team achieves unrivaled precision.

We continue to refine how we engineer our components to ensure they can accommodate the unique constraints of the ever evolving bar and nightclub industry.

Lion Craft’s experience is in high volume, high traffic hospitality venues in major entertainment districts across major cities.

Our fabrications are designed with materials and structural builds that can take abuse keeping your venue looking attractive to your customer base and reducing the frequency of remodel and upkeep.

Invest in a product not only built by masters of their crafts using the right machines and tools, but a team that is all under one roof collaborating everyday to build your dream space.

Delivered from our warehouse to the site, our build team ensures it’s installed quickly and properly

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”– Charles Darwin

By utilizing 3D models during the design phase, our build team is able to very quickly and accurately build out the approved design minimizing any construction and, therefore, downtime for your business.

With all in house design and fabrication, we also package and deliver our product with installation from our build team throughout the country.

While we manufacture most pieces at our warehouse, onsite fabrication and construction may be required. Our team is ready to work with you to tier the workload based on your business hours. If it means working during the night or even multiple 18+ hour days, we are prepared to ensure we finish the job quickly.

Every build is different. Taking time upfront to fully vet the 3D model removes uncertainty from the equation, allowing for accurate take-offs and a well-informed install crew. If mid-build design changes do occur, the changed will be made in the 3D model and relayed to the onsite crew ensuring all plans and dimensions are up to date.

QA / A punch list is always presented upon the completion of the build. However, since we handle the entire process from design, to fabrication, to install, this process is often extremely minimal with our crew able to complete any alterations within hours.