Lion Craft

Why Hire Lion Craft?

Inspired Design

Remodeling the top nightclubs and bars in major cities gives us an intimate insight into the current and upcoming trends which can give hospitality owners the advantage to attract their key demographic. Today’s customers are quite familiar with the high-end finishes and designs they experience on media and as they travel. Competition for their attention is intense. Lion Craft will help you achieve that trendy, luxury style you need to stay on the forefront of customer destination demand.

Built In House

Manufacturing everything in house with a full millwork shop, metal shop, upholstery shop, and paint & finish booths give us the capability and flexibility to build almost anything our client, working with the design team, can dream up. Continually investing in state-of-the-art equipment to further expand our capabilities and efficiency helps ensure our client’s vision will not be constrained. The sky is the limit.

Industry Veterans

Built by a team of veterans in their craft, efficiency and precision is an integral part everything we produce. Confidence in the longevity of your furniture comes with knowing that the finest quality materials are utilized by experts who build it. Rest assured it will meet or exceed the typical life of similar products built for the same type of venue.


Remodels often carry their own challenges as businesses sometimes need to be considered “Under Construction” until the remodel is complete. We offset this as much as possible by offsetting our crew hours allowing us to work through the night and on weekends to minimize downtime. A project manager onsite during the build ensures the remodel is being performed at its optimal efficiency.


Our design process allows us to most effectively eliminate waste therefore reducing any added overages. By streamlining our design, manufacturing, and installation phases we have revealed how to most effectively keep our costs competitive while building a superior product.

Built to Last

The bar, nightclub, and restaurant industry has a constant flow of heavy traffic, so we ensure everything touched and seen by your patrons can endure its heavy abuse. By focusing on this industry, we built everything to last beyond natural wear.